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Eya Clean Pro is 99,99% antibacterial and officially proven to KILL Covid-19
EyaClean Pro

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Eya Clean Pro

The Eya Clean Pro is a natural all-purpose cleaner, its formula is extracted from organic ingredients (free of any harmful chemicals), our mission is to ensure high quality as well as effectiveness for the sake of the safety of the consumers









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Our product is made of eco-friendly natural formula. All the natural materials and herbs included are free of any harmful chemical substances.







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Eya Clean Pro company was established in 2013

Our mission is to guarantee high quality of safe

Our mission is to guarantee high quality of safe and effective products, as well as guarantee the highest profit to our dealers and success partners.

Our goals are to ensure high quality and effectiveness for public safety

We take pride in our approach which is based on total understanding of the current changes of the international market and the needs of the consumers followed by those changes. Our well-defined marketing, selling, and distribution system makes facing today’s hygiene safety challenges manageable easy.

Our vision for the future

Eya Clean Pro has a vision of becoming a world-class cleaning supplies company providing high-quality products all around the world.


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What is Eya Clean Pro product?

It is a natural stain remover and general cleaner produced by highly purified organic plant extracts.

What certifications does Eya Clean Pro have ?

Eya Clean Pro manufactures products according to international quality standards. You can find all the documents we have on our page.

Is any Clean suitable for sensitive skin ?

Yes, EyaClean Pro has been specially developed for people with sensitive skin.

How can I track delivery?

You will be notified by e-mail after your goods have left. You can also check it out on my account page.

Where can I use Eya Clean Pro?

With Eya Clean Anti-Bacterial General Cleaner, you can use it on all the stubborn and stubborn stains that you want to get rid of from your home, workplace or car.

Why classify the product Eya Clean Pro?

With the Eya Clean Pro Anti-Bacterial General Detergent product, which we offer you with a one-stop solution for all stains, it gets rid of all the stubborn and tough stains that you want to get rid of from your home, workplace or car and you don’t need to buy separate cleaning materials to get rid of these stains. EaClean Anti-Bacterial Cleanser is all-natural, odorless. It makes cleaning fun because it doesn’t bother your hands, and saves time with its practical cleaning.

How can I cancel my order?

You can easily contact us via the contact form to cancel your order.

How can I get Eya Clean Pro?

You can order easily, reliably and quickly from our website.

How can I proceed with the retrieval process?

During the return process, you need to return your products by contracted courier, after you return the products to us, our customer representatives will contact you and the money will be credited to your account within 2 business days at the latest after sending your return information.

Is Eya Clean Pro 100% natural?

Yes, it is 100% natural. All of the ingredients we use in our EyaClean products that affect cleaning contain herbal raw materials. An anti-bacterial general cleaner, which does not contain any harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly, values ​​your health.